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At Hilco Real Estate Sales (HRE), our unparalleled expertise meets strategic innovation in the realm of real estate disposition. Our signature blend of accurate property valuation and inventive marketing ensures we tailor robust solutions to the unique challenges of our clients. With a history of billions of dollars in real estate transactions, we’ve honed a proven process that consistently delivers results above market expectations across every asset class on a national and international scale.

Distinguished by our hands-on approach, HRE thrives on a philosophy of ‘more options, better solutions’. As a collective of seasoned professionals with a passion for transcending the conventional, we apply this diversity to implement a date-certain, competitive sale process, ensuring assets are positioned for maximum value within an accelerated sales cycle. Our proprietary techniques, including our rigorous marketing timeline and relationship-based sales strategies, ensures your assets are not just listed but strategically positioned to capture the attention of the most motivated buyers. At HRE, we don’t just meet expectations; we redefine them, offering an unmatched, customized experience that transforms real estate potential into value with speed, integrity and strategic finesse.

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Our Mission

At Hilco Real Estate Sales, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that have a positive impact on our clients, our employees, their families, and the communities where we live, work and play.

With decades of experience working with the world’s leading companies, we mobilize our people, culture and ideas to enable our clients to succeed, expand prosperity and generate economic progress for all. We lead with a service mindset, working to earn our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations by understanding and overdelivering on their goals.

Family Mindset

We prioritize a culture of empathy, belonging, collaboration and support for each other to provide for our families. We believe in the strength of the collective and seek to create a culture that fosters teamwork in the pursuit of professional and personal growth.


We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, having strong principles and using a strict code of ethics to guide our actions, as we learn from our experiences and make decisions with honesty, dependability, respect and good judgment.


We believe that enjoying work inspires great creativity, big ideas, and stronger results! Having passion and fun at work attracts like-minded talent and encourages all team members to aim higher, and seek opportunities to stretch, to learn, and to improve.

Financial Success

We aspire to nothing less than excellence, striving for exceptional performance and superior results for our clients, shareholders and communities and, in so doing, we will achieve financial benefits and success.

Hilco Global

We are dedicated to forging a legacy of trust through a commitment to ethical practices and a deep respect for our clients and employees. Our mission is to empower economic progress and expand prosperity in the real estate sector by leveraging our expertise, integrity and innovative solutions. We strive to exceed expectations by deeply understanding our clients’ needs and delivering exceptional results. Our approach is underpinned by a strong family ethos, ensuring a supportive environment that nurtures success both within and beyond our organization.

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