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UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Services

Enforce your rights as a lender in the event of borrower default through a “commercially reasonable” sales process

At Hilco Real Estate Sales (HRE), our specialized team deeply understands lender rights under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), guiding an effective, “commercially reasonable” marketing and sales effort. We ensure transparency through a meticulously crafted public noticing process, significantly minimizing the potential for disputes over the fairness of the procedure. Our seasoned professionals work closely with borrowers and serve as expert witnesses to postpone auctions, thus promoting negotiations towards a resolution.

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Our Approach

HRE’s goal in conducting UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales is to acknowledge the needs of our clients and expand our services to their benefit accordingly. We will help you optimize your balance sheets by efficiently reducing exposure to troubled borrowers, which is achieved through a robust and customized 60 to 90-day public notice campaign, covering multiple publications regionally and nationally, ensuring broad coverage for the sale.

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We conduct organized sales to help you mitigate risks and maximize results

Our Capabilities

The HRE team is comprised of experienced individuals in the implementation of carefully curated, unique marketing campaigns as well as the execution of UCC foreclosure auctions. We have successfully marketed and auctioned, or settled, 100% of the UCC Article 9 sales we have been retained to execute. These sales have included asset values totaling more than half a billion dollars to date. 

HRE works with creditors and attorneys to establish the best path to conduct a comprehensive strategy that makes it difficult for any borrower to contest a sale as not “commercially reasonable.” Whether it be through technical or monetary default, we help you accomplish your goals as a trusted provider and expert in the space throughout the country, with licenses spanning coast to coast. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Robust marketing & customized sales strategies
  • Direct access to vast, motivated buyer network
  • Speed-to-value
  • History of success
  • Hands-on transaction execution

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