Hilco Real Estate Sales (HRE) is a trusted, full-service, strategic real estate advisory firm. Our approach combines the industry’s most extensive property valuation knowledge, with creative and innovative sales and marketing techniques, to generate an array of customizable sales solutions for our clients.

With over 200 years of combined experience in complex transactions, multifaceted sales structures and intricate negotiations, our team of experts will deliver impressive results by optimizing the value of your assets so you can close with confidence.

Maximizing Value

Real Estate Expertise

The industry leaders at Hilco Real Estate Sales harness national reach and deep market intelligence to deliver results that resonate. Our team’s sharp, specialized expertise and robust experience shape a platform where precision and confidence meet, creating unparalleled opportunities in
commercial real estate.

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Strategic Process

Customized Sales Approach

Our strategy is finely tuned to meet each client’s distinct objectives, amplifying asset value and performance. Employing bespoke strategies, we deftly steer through market complexities to unlock maximum returns with decisive precision.

Structured Sales

A structured sale is a strategic real estate transaction where the seller defines the price and timeline. The property is then extensively marketed to reach a wide pool of potential buyers, creating a competitive environment. Ultimately, the seller selects the buyer offering the best price and terms, optimizing the sale outcome.

Managed Qualifying Bid

The Managed Qualifying Bid Program is a structured process where interested parties submit initial bids by a specified deadline, following extensive marketing of the property. The seller then shortlists the most qualified bidders, who are invited to conduct further due diligence before submitting their best and final offers in a competitive final round, culminating in the selection of the winning bid.


A real estate auction is a dynamic sales process where properties are sold to the highest bidder. It can take place online, where bidders place their offers on a digital platform, or through an open outcry format, with bidders competing in person or virtually. There’s also the sealed bid option, where bids are submitted confidentially and reviewed by the seller. This format ensures transparency and competitive pricing, often resulting in an efficient sale at or above market value.