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Monetize your commercial real estate assets with the nation’s leader in bankruptcy sales

When faced with a bankruptcy sale of scheduled commercial real estate assets, you need more than a broker or standard platform to reach desired results. At Hilco Real Estate Sales (HRE), we offer hands on strategic advisors ready to provide experience to bankruptcy lawyers and real estate professionals. We assist said professionals by crafting tailored sales plans to best fit your needs for every specific situation, location and asset type.

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Our managed bid process offers a strategic real estate solution that sets us apart from other brokerage firms and ensures you achieve the best possible outcome for your sale. We use a unique and extensive platform of services, international reach and buyer network—developed from years in the bankruptcy, real estate and finance space—to bring forward the right buyers that other organizations simply don’t have. 

The bankruptcy specialists at HRE have handled the disposition of thousands of properties in a responsive and efficient manner. We are also very well-versed in the intricacies of the §363 sales process. Our team of lawyers and in-house counsel stands ready to create a customizable solution for your assets and assist with motions-to-hire.

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Our Approach

HRE can help you achieve the highest value for your scheduled asset being sold in bankruptcy. To do so, we apply our expertise to strategically design an approach tailored to fit your specific circumstances, whether it’s real estate advisory, an accelerated sales process or assistance negotiating with a potential stalking horse buyer.

While it may be tempting to hire an asset-specific expert or local broker to sell your asset, most have limited bankruptcy expertise, which ultimately results in failure when unforeseen problems arise. HRE understands the intricacies and complexities of bankruptcy sales and utilizes the advantages of each sale to create significant buzz around them, placing interested buyers in a competitive process to bid against one another.

We know bankruptcies can be stressful and complex. Our specialists are prepared to advise buyers so they are comfortable throughout the process. We also ensure sellers have peace of mind through the duration of the bankruptcy case with weekly status reports and updates directly from our team to you.

HRE’s optimal process includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Asset Valuation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Implementation
  • Process Oversight & Communication
  • Negotiations & Sale
  • Post-Transaction Support
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Our Capabilities

We deliver targeted marketing, national valuation services and direct access to our proprietary buyer network to help sell your commercial property in bankruptcy.

Debtors/Debtor’s Counsel-Led Sales

Our team works efficiently & in tandem with the debtor’s counsel to not only structure a sale but also understand its challenges. Given our legal & operational expertise, we keep legal costs down by using our experience to spearhead sales efforts. To increase efficiency, we’ve also created many templatized documents like a “Motion to Hire” or “Application to Employ” for use by counsel. 

Acting Trustee Sales on Behalf of the Estate

HRE understands the function & fiduciary responsibilities of a trustee within a bankruptcy. For a Chapter 11 Trustee, we know the best solution may not always be to sell. Therefore, we provide valuations as strategic advisors first, not as brokers. Through our many departments, HRE can be an essential partner in the bankruptcy process for a Chapter 11 Trustee at the onset of the appointment.

For a Chapter 7 Trustee, HRE recognizes the delicate balance between scheduled value & lien amount owed on a property & offers an initial valuation prior to exploring & providing different sales options.

First Lien Creditor Counsel Liquidation-Led Plans/ Post-BK Sales

HRE has helped countless secured creditors with real estate liquidation plans inside of a bankruptcy. We’ve also assisted creditors post-foreclosure with their Real Estate Owned (REO) departments. Numerous local & national banks, as well as investment firms, have utilized our exemplary services. Valuation consultations & transaction proposals are available for clients to assist in making better, more informed decisions regarding their real estate.

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