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Managing Director

Fernando Palacios headshot

Fernando has been involved in many types of real estate transactions including land development parcels, government agency liquidations, bank portfolio sales, and complex developments.

He has most recently worked on the rebuilding of New Orleans, executing nine successful absolute auctions, facilitating the sale of homes abandoned from Hurricane Katrina and helping to return thousands of properties back into the market. With extensive experience working with several city municipalities in crisis management, Fernando has illustrated for clients how auctions can serve as a useful tool to help communities to get past dire situations. Fernando was recently involved in liquidating assets for Mercy Foundation, a non-profit charity. These assets were donated to the non-profit and he facilitated the sale through a 501c transaction from donations until the asset was transformed into liquidity for the non-profit.

Prior to joining HRE, Fernando spent five years as the Northeast regional director for a national auction firm. Fernando’s efforts and his amicable and extensive industry relationships with financial institutions, municipalities, and various other sellers have resulted in establishment of an extensive network of clients who have benefited directly from the value he has generated on their behalf.

Noteworthy clients include but are not limited to New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Houston Housing Authority, Small Business Administration, Mercy Foundation, University of Maryland, Presidential Bank and Bank of America.


Fernando graduated from the University of Maryland. He is a licensed broker in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.